Learn improvisation to be quicker on your feet, handle unexpected communications challenges, and become a better listener and public speaker.


Anyone who wants to become a more spontaneous, comfortable, and "quick-on-your-feet" communicator. 


2 - 4 hour workshop or weekly class. 


In business, as in life, we spend a lot of time trying to control the messages we send. We develop messaging, craft talking points, and try to work from prepared scripts.

But more often than not, there’s a twist in the road that we don’t anticipate or a question that stops us cold.  And when the stakes get high, our carefully crafted script often goes out the window.

At those moments, we need to be able to think on our feet.

Theatrical Improvisation, or Improv, is a way to tap into the innate skill we all have for being able to think and act spontaneously in any situation. It helps us to listen while we're talking, to communicate more clearly and with less obstruction, and to respond more quickly and more instinctively, generally with a better result. It helps us to be more flexible and resilient, to connect with our colleagues, and to become more effective leaders.   


How to:

  •  Be present and listen—really listen
  • Stay focused when things around you seem to be out of control
  • Develop agility and comfort responding to unpredictable work situations
  • Improve your tolerance for taking risks
  • Become a more spontaneous communicator
  • Encourage the same kind of spontaneity from your co-workers
  • Take advantage of unplanned or impromptu speaking opportunities
  • Communicate more clearly, with more feeling, and without a script