The Presentation Sandwich


To help you with the construction process, we are sharing our Classic Sandwich Structure and Presentation Builder Worksheets.    

For those of you who haven't yet had our Persuasive Presenter workshop, here's our recommended order: 

  • Start with your script. (We recommend creating it in Word or on paper. PowerPoint is OK as long as you don't plan to project those words.  
  • Next, create your handouts. Here's where you provide all those important numbers and details to the people who really want them—without boring everyone else.  
  • Now you can think about your slides. What images or words (if any) will enhance, not just repeat what you are saying? Remember that your slides are NOT your cue cards. Their purpose of your slides is to help your audience SEE and FEEL what you are talking about.  
  • Finally, draft your speaker notes. You can print these out and refer to them during your presentation or work from an outline of key points.   

Case Study to Case Story

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We've developed Ovid's very instructive white paper to help you develop your presentation. Lorem ipsum sit dolor set.