This workshop will show you how to reduce performance anxiety, get rid of those “ums” and “uhs” and find your most engaging public voice.  


Anyone who wants to become a better public speaker.


Half-day: 4 hours
Full-day: 8 hours
1.5-days: 12 hours


Do people really fear public speaking more than they fear death? 

As Jerry Seinfeld once quipped, if that were true, the average person would be better off in the casket than delivering the eulogy at a funeral.

Still, public speaking ranks high on most people’s list of fears—even higher than bugs, snakes and drowning!

This workshop will teach you how to reduce that fear through structured practice and mental preparation. Our approach differs from that of most coaches in that we work from the “inside out” as well as the “outside in.” “Outside in” approaches teach you what to do with your eyes, hands, breath, body, and voice.  Those are all important, but in our decades of coaching, we’ve found that the “inside out” approaches—internalizing your content and changing the narratives you tell yourself—are actually more powerful in calming anxiety and bolstering confidence.  

In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques for outsmarting your fears and becoming a more calm and confident public speaker. 


  • Why and how to re-frame your role as a presenter
  • How to rehearse for best results
  • Techniques for reducing anxiety
  • How to internalize instead of memorize your presentations
  • The smartest way to prepare and use your notes
  • How to get rid of verbal tics such as "um" and "uh" (yes, it's possible)
  • How to improve your delivery through text analysis
  • How to read the audience and change course, if necessary
  • How to manage difficult personalities in the room
  • Why you should focus on the audience and not yourself
  • Why and how you should interact with your audience

First in the series