Learn how to master your role as panel moderator.


Anyone who might moderate an industry panel.


Half-day: 4 hours
Full-day: 8 hours
1.5-days: 12 hours


How many industry panels have left you sitting at the edge of your seat, wanting more? Most often, they leave us wanting lunch!

That's why panel moderation is a skill that every leader should learn.  Because contrary to what most people believe, moderating isn't the easiest job on the panel—it’s the toughest. Creating an electrifying panel is about more than asking good questions and facilitating discussion. It is about knowing how to create an experience that is meaningful for both the audience and the panelists.

The moderator is the surrogate voice of the audience. He or she must ask the questions at the forefront of everyone's minds, while feeding the flames under the panelists, so that they stay engaged and connected to the audience throughout the panel.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to prep your panelists for peak performance, how to keep long-winded panelists under control and bring out the best in the less-than-electrifying. You’ll also learn how to meet the expectations of your audience—so that all participants feel the experience was well worth their time.  


  • How to select the right combination of people for the panel
  • Why you need to pre-interview your panelists
  • How to prep panelists to be at their best
  • How to craft questions that elicit the most passionate and interesting responses from panelists
  • The best way to introduce your panelists
  • How to establish important ground rules for both panelists and the audience
  • How to create a dynamic dialogue among panelists without brokering fist fights
  • How to remember what panelists say—so you can comment on it later
  • How to increase your stage presence and confidence
  • How to manage difficult personalities, such as airtime-hogging panelists and won’t-stop-talking audience members
  • How to open and close panels