This workshop will enable you to leave your bullet points behind and use the art of storytelling to become a more persuasive and charismatic presenter and speaker.


Middle to senior management with leadership responsibilities for orchestrating presentations and critical meetings.


Half-day: 4 hours
Full-day: 8 hours
1.5-days: 12 hours


Think of any great speaker and it won’t take you long to figure out that they are also master storytellers. Storytelling is increasingly becoming a “must-have” skill for leaders, but how do you learn how to create and tell great stories? 

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of why story is such a powerful strategic tool, specific “before and after” examples of how to transform your content into powerful stories, and story templates that will help you craft your own stories for your next big presentation or meeting.  In the full-day session, you will also get a hands-on opportunity to develop and tell a strategic story.

You will leave this session with a new "antenna" for stories,  techniques for eliciting stories from others, and insight into how to find, craft and deliver your best stories. 


  • The neuroscience that proves why stories work
  • How run-of-the-mill presentation content can be transformed into powerful stories
  • A story-building formula you can use to craft your own stories
  • How vulnerability, suspense, surprise, and "telling details" can make your business stories more dramatic and memorable
  • The role of personal storytelling in business
  • Different story types that you can use to sell in your next big idea, apply to your credentials deck or present data/research
  • The importance of building a storybank of different stories that can convey important messages about your company’s DNA


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