Jane Praeger learned the art of storytelling from a decade spent making documentary films, where she shaped hundreds of hours of footage into compelling narratives.

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When Jane moved into the world of presentations, she found most to be uninspiring and strikingly bereft of the qualities that make movies great. She founded Ovid, named after the great Roman poet and storyteller, in 1992 with the mission to change that.


Strategic Communication at Columbia University

In 2002, she brought her experience to academia, where she helped create and now teaches in the graduate program in Strategic Communication at Columbia University, one of the best programs of its kind in the country. 




Our clients see us as trusted advisors that can help them design strategies to achieve their objectives, bring their ideas to life, and distill complex concepts into compelling narratives that engage their important audiences. Working with us, our clients become confident and powerful presenters.

They tell us what they appreciate most is our “non-cookie cutter” approach, our intellectual rigor, and the wisdom, born of 25 years of experience, that we bring to every engagement.