Presentations are currency in today’s business world. Presenters who can inspire and galvanize an audience to unite behind a common vision or goal are hugely valuable to an organization.

Conversely, poor presenters can undermine new business opportunities, jeopardize funding, and even alienate customers and colleagues. At Ovid, we believe that with the right tools, frameworks, and attitude, anyone can become a compelling presenter.


  • Articulate a clear point of view instead of getting stuck in the weeds of facts and data
  • Tell riveting stories
  • Use language that “sticks"
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Get rid of those “uhs” and “ums” and other verbal tics
  • Connect with the audience instead of being glued to slides and notes
  • Effectively use a teleprompter
  • Read the room and switch gears if the audience is distracted or bored
  • Own the floor and command attention
  • Replace text-heavy bullet points with visually engaging ones
  • Inspire your audiences

We also offer these skills in workshops delivered to your workplace.