This workshop will introduce you to a strategic presentation paradigm that will change the way you conceptualize and deliver presentations.


Middle to senior management with leadership responsibilities for orchestrating presentations.


Half-day: 4 hours
Full-day: 8 hours
1.5-days: 12 hours


You’re about to assemble an important presentation to clients or colleagues. But with so much content in front of you, where should you start?

Are there ways to transform your content into a powerful and compelling point of view that persuades your audience to take action? How can you make even mundane facts and data points more exciting and engaging? And are there strategies to make your content much more visual and emotional for greater impact?

Drawing on the latest in neuroscience and psychology, this session reveals the key ingredients of truly persuasive presentations and how to use them. Employ these principles in your next presentation, and you’ll see an immediate difference in your persuasiveness—and your business outcomes. 


  • How to consider your audience’s barriers or triggers when assembling presentation content
  • The importance of developing a central theme or message to serve as a backbone for your presentation
  • How to select and tailor content (slides, charts, videos, data, etc.) to reinforce your point of view
  • How to make your content less bullet-intensive and more visual and emotional for greater "stickiness”
  • How to introduce and order content (such as your Big Idea) for greatest impact
  • The surprising results from one of the few scientific studies ever done on PowerPoint that outlines new ways to design your slides for maximum memorability

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